Weather in Spain in October

Is October a good time to visit Spain?

For safe sunbathing on Spain’s southern beaches, October is a good time to go. The weather is still hot and sunny enough for beach bunnies, but the danger of painful blistering has abated and you should return home with a carefully cultivated golden tan. It is getting wetter, though, and the possibility of a few rainy days cannot be discounted. The capital, Madrid, is more attractive as far as the weather goes in October, too – unpleasantly hot in the height of summer, by October it has cooled down considerably, but there may be some rain to mar the sightseeing sorties. 

Catalonia may be rather cloudy at times, but there should still be a preponderance of sunny days to enjoy the delights of Barcelona, with mild temperatures. In Galicia in the north-west the rain – held at bay during the summer months – returns with a vengeance, dampening the temperatures, but Basque country should still be pleasantly warm and relatively dry.


Climate in Spain in October

The coast of Almeria is probably the place to find the best weather in Spain in October, with little or no rainfall and temperatures averaging around 23°C. In Andalucia the rain sets in, especially in the west, during the second half of the month, so there is the likelihood of grey days, although temperatures are still mild to warm. The capital of Spain, Madrid, is passably pleasant in October – mainly dry and mild, but in Barcelona you will have missed the beach boat. The Catalonian coastal city enjoys temperatures of around 21°C in October, but rain is a real possibility. Up north the weather is fairly warm, but the rains begin to return especially in Galicia – Spain’s wettest province – where you can expect it to be wet for around 18 days of the month in October.


What’s on in Spain in October

October 12 is a major Bank holiday in Spain: Columbus Day in English, and Dia de la Hispanidad in Spanish. Most shops, businesses and banks close for the day. Barcelona hosts two major film festivals during October – both a little risqué in that one serves up erotic films and another Gay and Lesbian movies. In fact this is the month for film festivals of all sorts, with large movie events in Sitges, Valencia and San Sebastian as well. La Fiesta del Pilar takes place in Zaragoza in mid-October, accompanied by an explosion of colourful parades, music and dancing.


What to pack for a holiday in Spain in October

If you are on a beach holiday in Spain in October, ensure you add a cardigan and umbrella to your bag along with the beachwear, shorts and T-shirts. For those headed to the northern areas a raincoat is a necessity. Sightseeing in Madrid requires comfortable shoes, cool clothing and a rainproof poncho in your daypack for those unexpected showers.