Weather in Ibiza in July

Is July a good time to visit Ibiza?

July is peak holiday season in Ibiza. Ibiza Town and San Antonio see thousands of visitors flocking to their shores for parties, beaches and fun in the sun. This makes July a great time to visit Ibiza, but it does mean that space on the beaches is limited and prices are inflated considerably. Many of Europe’s rich (and sometimes famous) frequent the island during July. Celebrities and rich kids moor their luxury yachts at the Ibiza Town harbour and join the throngs of party-goers in Ibiza. For those wishing for a quiet seaside holiday, perhaps a quieter Spanish resort might be better suited.


Climate in Ibiza in July

With over eleven hours of sunshine each day, Ibiza’s weather in July is as hot as the party scene on the island. Average temperatures in Ibiza during July range from 21 to 30°C (69 to 85°F). The Mediterranean climate means that July is the driest month in Ibiza as the island experiences and average of one day’s rain throughout the whole of July. Sea temperatures in Ibiza in July peak at 26°C (79°F): perfect for all types of water sports and sunbathing.


What’s on in Ibiza in July?

Ibiza’s itinerary for July generally consists of parties, parties and more parties. Many of the large super-clubs host world renowned DJs and international and MTV hosts a number of events as well. Visitors to Ibiza in July can expect names like DJ Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta and Paul van Dyk, among others. Entrance fees to clubs are sometimes free but can go up to 50€ for some of the bigger events. Apart from the party scene in Ibiza, the 16 July is a local fiesta in celebration of the patron saint of the sea Virgen del Carmen. During this even processions and a flotilla of boats can be seen at the harbours in Ibiza Town and San Antonio.


What to pack for a holiday in Ibiza in July

The weather in Ibiza in July is hot, so the best items to back are swimwear and beach paraphernalia, t-shirts, shorts, skirts and strappy tops. The evenings in Ibiza are warm to hot (depending on which party you’re attending), cool clothes for the evenings and sexy clothes for the clubs are a must. Ibiza has a wealth of shopping opportunities with many local boutiques selling unique clothing all the international brands are available as well.