Weather in Ibiza in October

Is October a good time to visit Ibiza?

October is Ibiza’s wettest month. Although temperatures are still relatively high, October is the rainy season in Ibiza and this dissuades many holidaymakers from choosing to fly to Ibiza in October. However, because it is the start of low season in Ibiza, October is a great month to book a flight to Ibiza and enjoy empty beaches and off-season specials. Despite it being the wettest month, holidaymakers going to Ibiza in October can still enjoy some sunny days on the beach.


Climate in Ibiza in October

As October begins the summer season in Ibiza ends. Thus the climate in Ibiza in October is significantly cooler and wetter than the previous three months. Sea temperatures in Ibiza in October are still relatively warm at 24°C (75°F), making it a great time to enjoy the beach on the days when it doesn’t rain. Average low temperatures in Ibiza in October are 16°C (61°F) and the daytime highs tend to peak at 23°C (74°F). Rain is the main deterrent for holidaymakers travelling to Ibiza in October. Even though October is the rainiest month in Ibiza, the monthly average of 69mm (2.7 inches) only amounts to about six days of rain throughout the month. The rest of the time visitors can enjoy up to six and a half hours of sunshine each day.


What’s on in Ibiza in June?

October is a low-key month in Ibiza. Many of Ibiza’s top nightclubs close for renovations at the end of summer. October in Ibiza is a great time to enjoy the silence and take part in some sightseeing outings, water-sports or diving activities.  October is a great month to be anywhere in Spain as the country celebrates the Dia de la Hispanidad (12 October) to commemorate Columbus’ discovery of the Americas in 1492. There are also numerous festivals on surrounding islands, such as Mallorca, during October, but in Ibiza October is a month to enjoy the relative peace and quiet.


What to pack for a holiday in Ibiza in October

October in Ibiza is a time when the weather is unpredictable. Thus it is best to pack a few summer clothes for the hot days – beachwear, linen pants and t-shirts or strappy tops. However, some warmer items are also essential, dressing in layers is key for October’s weather in Ibiza. A light cardigan or coat as well as a raincoat are essential items to pack for a trip to Ibiza in October.