Weather in Seychelles in December

Is December a good time to visit Seychelles?

There is no such thing as winter or summer seasons in Seychelles, so if you come to escape the northern winter in December, be prepared for constant heat, humidity, and yes … rain! The rain, however will be short, sharp and heavy, giving way to hot sunshine, and it will not abate the tropical heat. The tropical sun, when it is blazing down, brings searing heat and steams the wet ground, adding to the humidity. If you are seeking a hot, sultry holiday the Seychelles resorts will not disappoint.


Climate in Seychelles in December

With a daytime temperature averaging around 30°C, and monsoon rain swept in on the south-easterly trade winds, a holiday on the Seychelles in December is not for those who want guaranteed sunshine every day. Lounge lizards will revel in the heat and humidity, but be warned, the average rainfall for the month of December in Seychelles can top 300mm. The rainy conditions rarely affect the high temperature and humidity, and the sea remains warm and clear … perfect for divers and snorkelers. If you’re lucky, there will still be enough sunshine to suit, but this is undeniably a wet month when the precipitation feeds the lush greenery.


What’s on in Seychelles in December

Being a Christian country, Seychelles celebrates Christmas and most of the holiday resort hotels make a special effort to celebrate the season … often with beach parties! The heat and humidity may be a departure from the traditional Christmas celebration, but Christmas in the Seychelles is no less an event, celebrated with gusto throughout the islands.


What to pack for a holiday in the Seychelles in December

Light and floaty garments are the ideal evening wear, and during the day you will need only a bathing suit and sarong when you visit Seychelles in December. If you plan to go out and about a waterproof poncho for those sudden rain showers may be in order, but, if you are caught in a shower in your swimsuit you certainly won’t catch a chill! Rubber sandals are useful, and sunscreen is essential, even on wet days, because UV rays are not deterred by intermittent cloud cover so close to the equator.