Weather in Seychelles in August

Is August a good time to visit Seychelles?

Deep in the grip of the north-westerly trade wind season, the Seychelles islands in August can be very windy, and the sea can become extremely rough. This is a boon for those who enjoy challenging watersports like jetskiing, windsurfing and sailing, but it makes conditions difficult for diving, snorkeling and swimming. These paradisical tropical islands remain warm and welcoming, however, and if you stick to north-westerly facing beaches there is shelter to be had, and the breezes should not spoil your August holiday in Seychelles. It’s the driest time of year, too, but there is always the threat of rain in the tropics, and August in Seychelles is notoriously unpredictable as far as precipitation goes. Fortunately the rain in the Seychelles usually falls after dark.


What is the weather like in the Seychelles in August?

With average air temperatures of between 24°C (at night) up to 28.5°C, this is rated as one of the coolest months in the Seychelles, which is situated just south of the Equator in the Indian Ocean. The equatorial heat at this time of year is mitigated by the trade winds which blow in from the south-east, churning up the ocean and tempering the humidity. When it comes to rainy days, for visitors to the Seychelles in August it is pretty much the luck of the draw – the month has a charted average of 124mm across the month, but this could be far less or far more. When it rains it comes in the form of short-lived showers, usually pre-dawn or in the late afternoon. For most of the month, however, the Seychelles remains sunny and pleasant.


What’s on in Seychelles in August

One of the Seychelles' most popular annual religious festivals takes place in mid-August. The celebration of the Assumption of Mary – known as the La Digue Festival – is centred on that island, but celebrated also in Mahé and Praslin, where people gather on the squares to pray and make merry.

What to pack for a holiday in the Seychelles in August

Pack up your troubles, but leave them at home, when you head off on a magical sunny Seychelles holiday in August – or any time of year. All you need is plenty of sun protection, some light, comfortable clothing (shorts, tank tops, sarongs and skirts), and a bathing suit or two. During August the brisk breezes and occasional showers may demand a light wrap outdoors after dark.