Weather in Seychelles in June

Is June a good time to visit Seychelles?

June in the beautiful Seychelles islands is on the cusp of the dry season, meaning holiday-makers face little threat of rain to mar their enjoyment of the pristine beaches, but there could be some windy days. Avoid the south-east facing beaches, where wind is likely to be the strongest. The relentless tropical sun, however, means there is little respite from the heat and expect to feel sweaty as humidity is still prevalent. For fun in the sun and sea, there can be no better destination, all year round.


Climate in Seychelles in June

The likelihood of rainy days in the Seychelles is much reduced in June, with an average rainfall of 102mm, which falls in short bursts, often during the night. Although the sun will shine an average of seven hours a day on your Seychelles holiday, there may be odd windy days when it is advisable to seek protected beaches. The wind may bring welcome relief, though, from the temperatures averaging a maximum of 28°C, and a humidity level of 77% - relatively cool for these exotic islands which are close to the equator.


What to do in Seychelles in June

The wind whipping up the waters now and then may deter snorkelers and divers, but it brings other opportunities for surfers and sailors. Being in the dry season, June is also a good time to go hiking and walking around the islands.


What to pack for a holiday in the Seychelles in June

Light and loose are the watchwords for choosing clothing for a Seychelles holiday, any time of year. June may rate as cool and dry for the locals, but visitors are still likely to feel the humidity and heat. Swimwear is essential, because no-one can resist the lure of the acquamarine sea and glowing resort pools. A good sunhat, high factor sun cream and sunglasses are essential.