Weather in Portugal in March

Is March a good time to go to Portugal?

Portugal begins to pop with colour as the almond trees blossom and the hills start to look like carpets of wildflowers. The weather sees a welcome improvement and there are few crowds, so travellers can quietly experience authentic Portuguese culture on a budget in decent weather. It's a good time for a road trip, visiting small towns and leisurely exploring the galleries and museums of the big cities. Bear in mind that many locals travel during Holy Week, which may result in a slight price spike toward the end of the month, continuing into early April. Nonetheless, this is one of the most exciting times of the year, as Easter is around the corner and it is always a grand festival in Portugal.

Climate in Portugal in March

March is an unpredictable month, but is typically warm with mild rainfall. Expect highs of 18°C (46°F to 64°F) and not much more than 75mm (2.9in) of rain, however, some elevated areas might still be as wet as winter. Days are short and still quite dark, but the blooming spring flowers brighten up the month as the days become increasingly longer.


What’s on in Portugal in March

Food lovers relish the opportunity to indulge themselves before Lent at the Obidos International Chocolate Festival and St Joseph’s Day, which usually falls during Lent, offers another chance to enjoy good food at an important event on the Catholic calendar. The Cherimoya Fruit Festival, an event in Madeira, offers another opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine and finally, after all the eating, travellers can participate in the Lisbon Half Marathon, or simply watch and enjoy the grand atmosphere. 


What to pack for a holiday in Portugal in March

Pack a warm coat, one or two thermals, gloves, scarves and hats for the cool days. Take long sleeved shirts, warm jerseys, jeans and trousers, as well as a few T-shirts to be worn with a light top. The cobbled streets become slippery when wet, so take sturdy flat-heel walking shoes or boots, which also come in useful for short hikes and walks. The days are warming up and the winter rains are slowly receding, so don't forget to add some lightweight hiking items into the bag as well. Remember that dark colours wont show dirt as easily as lighter clothing will and don't forget an umbrella and raincoat because it still rains often.