Weather in Portugal in November

Is November a good time to go to Portugal?

November is a wet month and is neither cold enough for snow sports in the Estrela Mountains, nor dry enough for hiking in the rest of the country. However, visit the major city sights and savour the quiet galleries and museum halls, eating cuisine made for the locals, as there are few tourists about. In addition, travel costs are low during November.

Climate in Portugal in November

Despite the cool, wet and dark days, it’s still one of the warmest places in Europe. Temperatures range between 11°C and 18°C (52°F and 64°F) and there is often less rain than October. While it is not as dark as winter, do not expect many hours of sun and, rarely, there may be snow at the highest altitudes. 


What’s on in Portugal in November

While some high-flyers take to the International Hot Air Balloon Festival, most people stay grounded, instead attending the National Gastronomy Festival, an equally rewarding festival requiring a lot less effort. The wet weather drives people indoors to some great film events, including the documentary film festival DocLisboa, the Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival and the International Animated Film Festival in Espinho. Finally, warm up and dance to the smooth jazz of local and international artists at the Guimarães Jazz festival.


What to pack for a holiday in Portugal in November

November is wet, so pack lightweight, but waterproof and warm clothing. Pack synthetic materials that dry quickly and dark clothing, as it doesn’t show dirt easily. Take long sleeved shirts, a warm jersey or two, some jeans and synthetic trousers, leggings and thermals, as well as a few T-shirts to be worn with a light top. Pack a light but warm coat, one that preferably doubles as a raincoat, as well as gloves, scarves and hats, especially when travelling to alpine areas. Use amphibian walking shoes or boots, and a small umbrella and a raincoat are essential.