Weather in Portugal in February

Is February a good time to go to Portugal?

Portugal is one of the warmest and cheapest countries in the region and, while the North is wet and cold, the south sometimes reaches into the mid-teens (60°F). It is a great month to hire a cheap rental and leisurely explore the small towns and major cities, eating local cuisine at the restaurants free from tourist crowds. Remember that this is an ideal time for a budget holiday, one of the most affordable times of year. 

Climate in Portugal in February

February is cool and wet, but it is officially the last winter month and is slightly warmer than the rest of winter. It rarely drops below 7°C (45°F) and occasionally exceeds 15°C (59°F), especially down south. It is still dark and cloudy, but the lush green colours of the countryside pop on dull days, a reward for visitors who put up with the winter showers. 

What’s on in Portugal in February

Locals celebrate carnival come rain or shine and the largest celebrations take place in Lisbon and in the Algarve. The Porto Film Festival is one the premier arts events of the year, which often has some provocative debuts on display. Finally, enjoy Valentine’s Day meandering through the streets of Lisbon or Porto, two quiet places for a romantic getaway. 

What to pack for a holiday in Portugal in February

Pack something warm for this time of year including a warm coat, one or two thermals, gloves, scarves and hats. Take long sleeved shirts, warm jerseys, jeans and trousers, warm dresses and skirts, as well as a few T-shirts, to be worn with a light top. The cobbled streets become slippery and dangerous in the rain, so wear sturdy flat-heel walking shoes or boots for comfort. Finally, pack dark colours because lighter clothing will easily show dirt in the wet winter and it rains most days so an umbrella or raincoat is essential.