Weather in Thailand in June

Is June a good time to visit Thailand?

June in Thailand is wet, the rainy south-west monsoon weather having set in, and there is a slight drop in temperature because of the thundershowers which damp down the heat during the evenings and overnight. In general though Thailand is still very hot and humid as it is all year round, with bright sunshine for awhile most days when it is not raining. The rainfall makes the countryside lush and green and the swollen rivers can be spectacular – beware of flash flooding and leeches if you stray off the beaten track, though.

Climate in Thailand in June

After a vigorous start in May with the onset of the rainy season, the rainfall graph for Thailand for June levels off somewhat, particularly in the central region of the country. This is a temporary reprieve however before it begins to spike again as the south-west monsoon season progresses. The average rainfall for Thailand in June is 171mm – about a third of the days in June will experience some rain, usually in the form of heavy thundershowers in the late afternoon or during the night. Rain or no rain, Thailand weather is still hot and humid everywhere. The hot weather is tempered slightly by breezes on the islands, but some (especially Ko Chang on the east coast) are very wet. The average temperature for Thailand in June is 28°C (82.4°F).

What’s on in Thailand in June

One of the prettiest marathon runs in the world takes place in Phuket, Thailand, in mid-June, the course taking in magnificent views of the beach and sea, rice fields and a rubber plantation. The Laguna Phuket Marathon offers shorter fun runs too so everyone can join in the fun.

What to pack for a holiday in Thailand in June

If you are heading for the beach resorts or islands, concentrate on packing swimwear because you are likely to get wet both in and out of the water in the rainy season when you visit Thailand in June. Indoors and when out and about cool cotton clothing is best for the heat, with an umbrella to prevent a drenching if a thundershower hits. If you are brave enough to go trekking in the hills a waterproof poncho is vital, along with some stout walking shoes that will give a good grip in the slippery, muddy conditions. Don’t forget the sunblock, because it doesn’t rain all the time!