Weather in Thailand in February

Is February a good time to visit Thailand?

The peak season crowds begin to thin out in Thailand in February, but the sunny, relatively dry weather of the north-east monsoon persists, particularly in the south coast and islands, where this is the month with the least chance of rain. Locals regard February as a cool month, but to visitors it is more than hot enough. Towards the end of the month the heat and humidity begins to increase and there is a little more rain northwards from Bangkok as the rainy season approaches. February is the last chance of the season to enjoy comfortable weather in Thailand before the onset of the wet, muggy south-west monsoon.

Climate in Thailand in February

Central Thailand sees temperatures and the chance of rainy days creep up slightly during February. Bangkok’s maximum average temperature for February is 32°C (89.6°F), with an average low of 27°C (80.6°F) – any fluctuation from these means is likely to be up rather than down! With humidity at 77%, Bangkok experiences one or two rainy days during February, but the average for the month is only 29mm. The north and south of the country remain very dry during February, and up in the northern hills it can be very chilly at night. The southern coasts and attendant islands have the best of the February weather, with temperatures of well above 30°C (86°F) every day, plenty of sunshine and very slight chance of wet weather.

What’s on in Thailand in February

There’s plenty happening in Thailand in February, kicking off in grand style in Bangkok at the start of the month (date dependent on the Chinese calendar) of the Chinese New Year celebrations with processions, cultural performances and fireworks lighting up the city’s large China Town. In Chiang Mai visitors marvel at the floral sculptures constructed and paraded through the streets for the annual flower festival.

What to pack for a holiday in Thailand in February

You can leave the raincoat and brolly at home when you visit Thailand in February, but if visiting Bangkok or the north of the country you will need to include a pull-over or light jacket to ward off the evening chill. For the rest, cool cotton clothing is the best choice for Thailand, and a bathing suit and sun protection is essential.