Weather in Tenerife in May

Is May a good time to visit Tenerife?

Home to some of Europe’s most popular, buzzing holiday resorts – including Playa de las Americas, Los Gigantes and Los Cristianos – the Canary Island of Tenerife has “eternal spring” weather, and May is no exception when it comes to idyllic holiday conditions in Tenerife. Temperatures are perfect – warm but not too hot, particularly on the south-west coast where the resorts are congregated – and there is very little rain, with plenty of hours of sunshine. The weather may be a little different in local areas – for instance up on the mountain slopes (cooler) and in the north of the island (wetter), but in general the weather on this little landmass is as good as it gets anywhere on earth.


Climate in Tenerife in May

With sunshine levels of around nine hours a day, Tenerife in May virtually guarantees a sun tan. As far as temperatures go, although the island is close to the Tropic of Cancer the sea breezes keep things mild and comfortable. Expect temperatures from the mid to high twenties (°C) during May, with nights descending to the mid-teens. You may well read in advance of your holiday in Tenerife that May temperatures average 17°C, but bear in mind that the average takes in conditions right across the island, influenced by the cold mountain peaks and the cooler northern areas. Also, most weather forecasts are dependent on data from the capital, Santa Cruz, which is in the cool, wet north. In the southern resorts there is very little chance of rain, and sunny, warm days are the norm.


Whats on in Tenerife in May

May marks the beginning of fiesta season in Tenerife, kicking off with the Labour Day Fiesta del Trabajo, followed up by the celebrations for the Day of the Cross – especially in Santa Cruz because the day also marks the founding of the city in 1494. On May 5 Tenerife commemorates the anniversary of the 1706 volcanic eruption which decimated the town of Garachico. May 30 each year is a bank holiday in Tenerife – Canaries Day celebrates local culture and the founding of the Canary Islands autonomous parliament in 1983.


What to pack for a holiday in Tenerife in May

To stay cool and comfortable on your Tenerife holiday in May pack plenty of summer clothes, and your swimsuit if you plan to catch a tan. For visiting the north of the island, or the mountains of the interior, thow in a warm waterproof jacket and fleece, but in the southern beach resorts a pullover or cardigan will keep the evening chill at bay. Sunscreen is essential.