Weather in Tenerife in March

Is March a good time to visit Tenerife?

There is little variation in temperature in Tenerife all year round – the weather remains consistently warm and sunny for the most part (particularly on the south coast), and in March Tenerife is particularly pleasant. The exception is Mount Teide, Tenerife’s central towering volcano, which – because of the altitude – is snow-capped and very cold the nearer one approaches to the summit.


Dust storms

During March Tenerife is at its highest risk of experiencing a weather phenomenon known as calimas.These are nasty dust storms stirred up in the Sahara desert and blown across to the Canary Islands by south-easterly winds. Being caught in a calima is rather like being in thick fog, but it is hot and dry and leaves everything covered in a layer of dust. Calimas can cause problems for people with asthma.


Climate in Tenerife in March

With moderately warm daytime temperatures in the low to mid-20s°C, an average of 6.8 hours of sunshine per day and rainfall of only 25mm for the month, the island of Tenerife is perfect for a beach holiday in March. It can be relatively chilly at night – and in the higher altitudes of the interior – but down on the coast the temperature seldom dips below the average minimum of 15°C.


What's on in Tenerife in March

If Easter falls in March, Tenerife comes alive with a batch of spectacular Semana Santa processions, celebrated in most towns and villages on the island, particularly La Laguna.


What to pack for a holiday in Tenerife in March

T-shirts and shorts, skirts or jeans, beachwear and a cardigan or light jacket for evenings are essentials for a holiday in Tenerife in March. For exploring on foot ensure you have some comfy trainers, and if you plan to go on the Mount Teide cablecar, a ski-jacket and boots are advisable. Don’t forget sun protection – even in the cool highland areas the UV rays are dangerously high.