Weather in Tenerife in July

Is July a good time to visit Tenerife?

In July Tenerife embarks on its peak summer season, thousands of eager sun and fun seekers of all ages filling the island’s resorts to take advantage of the traditional European summer holiday period and the wonderful Tenerife weather. With an almost total absence of rain this sub-tropical island offers continual sunshine and constant warm air and sea temperatures throughout the month of July. The best aspect of Tenerife’s climate is that the heat is never unbearable, thanks to the influence of the gentle trade winds and cold sea currents.

Climate in Tenerife in July

With the maximum temperature in July being around 27°C in Tenerife, and seldom dropping below 17°C, this island has perfect weather conditions for a summer holiday. Rainfall during Julyin Tenerife is non-existent, barring perhaps an extremely rare shower or two in the north of the island, and nary a cloud will be seen to mar the clear blue sky, apart from the occasional misty bank across the interior mountains. There are 11 hours of daylight each day during July, and each one of them will be sunny and warm, but not suffocatingly hot.

What’s on in Tenerife in July

The beach resorts pull out all the stops to cater for the floods of summer visitors in July in Tenerife, but there is one major event which many visitors come specifically to enjoy – the International Heineken Jazz Festival in mid-month has become legendary in jazz circles. The festival runs for three weeks, made up of dozens of concerts and jam sessions across the island venues.

What to pack for a holiday in Tenerife in July

You probably won’t need more than a bikini and flip-flops for the duration of your visit to Tenerife in July, but if you want to avoid sunburn and cultivate a golden tan make sure you have sufficient sun protection. For nightlife and dining al fresco, pop in some party clobber, and if you plan to go exploring inland, a jacket and trainers will keep the chill of the higher altitude at bay.