Weather in Spain in April

Is April a good time to visit Spain?

There is definitely a chance of a sun tan on the Costa del Sol during April, but generally the weather in Spain during April month is wet and mild. The southern coast is the sunniest and warmest area but the weather in spring is still some way off of the sizzling summer conditions for which Spain is famed. April is, however, and important month for festivities in Spain and no matter what the weather, Easter (known as Semana Santa) is celebrated with great gusto.


Climate in Spain in April

Those seeking the sun in Spain in April should head for the coast of the southern provinces of Andalucia and Murcia – the average temperatures in southern cities like Malaga and Seville are around the 20°C mark, and the average number of hours of sunshine to be had during the long hours of daylight (spring brings 13 hours or more of daylight in this region) is between six and seven. For most of Spain April is a wet month, and the precipitation is most noticeable in Madrid, which can experience heavy showers during April, with temperatures around 17°C maximum. Barcelona’s temperatures are similar to Madrid’s during April, but the weather is not quite as wet and grey. The soggiest part of Spain during April is the north-west coast, where cloudy, rainy conditions prevail this month. In the north it’s even worse with only 33% chance of seeing the sun in Bilbao during April, and temperatures hover between 16°C and 8°C.


What’s on in Spain in April

In the week running up to Easter – known as Holy Week – Spain puts on plenty of pomp and ceremony, particularly in the southern cities, to commemorate the Passion of Jesus Christ. Seville is the best place to experience the full impact of the processions, services and float parades that fill the week. Not much happens in Madrid, but visitors can take day trips to Toledo from the capital to witness the Festival there.


What to pack for a holiday in Spain in April             

You may well make use of your swimsuit if you are holidaying in southern Spain in April, but elsewhere it will still be too chilly to dare to go bare. Jeans, long-sleeved cotton tops, a sweater or two and a waterproof jacket are advisable.