Climate in Cape Town in April

Is April a good time to visit Cape Town?

Cape Town’s weather in April heralds a respite from the heat of summer. Daylight hours decrease dramatically and the winter rains typical of Cape Town’s Mediterranean climate start. Precipitation in Cape Town during April generally averages between eight and nine days in the month. Visitors to Cape Town in April will get a small taste of the wet winters for which Cape Town is famous, but the clear and moderately cool, dry days in between are perfect for enjoying the many attractions Cape Town has to offer.


What's on in Cape Town in April

Average temperatures in Cape Town during April are between 12 and 23°C (53 to 73°F), but there is also the occasional day when the temperature reaches up to the mid 30s (90s). Rainfall in Cape Town during April tends to happen throughout the month with more rainy days toward the end of the month. As the seasons change, the prevailing wind direction also changes. April tends to get its fair share of southeasterly winds, the Cape Doctor, but it also gets a significant amount of northeasterly winds as winter approaches. Cape Town’s climate in April is perfect for those who wish to take in the café culture of Cape Town, watch the occasional grey and stormy sea and be left with some perfect days in which to enjoy uncrowded beaches and easy mountain strolls.


What's on in Cape Town in April

The main event during April in Cape Town is the famous Two Oceans Marathon. This scenic ultra marathon takes place over Easter weekend annually and draws more than 8,000 runners each year. Other events in and around Cape Town include the Klein Karoo Nationale Kunste Fees (KKNK – the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival) in Oudtshoorn as well as the South African Cheese Festival in Stellenbosch and Franschoek and the Prince Albert Olive Festival. The KKNK is an Afrikaans arts festival showcasing some of South Africa’s best Afrikaans plays and performers. The SA Cheese Festival in April is the perfect way to enjoy some of the Western Cape’s finest cheese and wine parings. The small Karoo town of Prince Albert is a four-hour drive from Cape Town. Its annual Olive Festival at the end of April attracts olive lovers and connoisseurs from across South Africa. If marathons, food, festivals and cultural entertainment pique your interest then Cape Town’s April events are not to be missed.


What to pack for a holiday in Cape Town in April

Visitors to Cape Town in April need to pack clothes for all four seasons as the weather can change from rainy to sunny to windy to mild in the course of a day – or in different parts of the city at the same time. Early April visitors can optimistically pack some beachwear. April is ideal for hiking and enjoying Table Mountain and Kirstenbosch Gardens. A number of light jerseys, a windbreaker and some warm smart-casual clothes are all essential items for a trip to Cape Town in April. Some would say an umbrella is necessary, however the wind is hazardous and a good raincoat tends to be better suited to the Cape Town weather.